Our Covid-19 Standards

Added: 24 May 2020

Our Covid-19 Standards

The safety of our customers and associates are of paramount importance to us. For that reason, we have implemented the following safeguards at our dealerships

• We will undertake daily temperature screening on our staff members at the start of each working day because body temperature is a known indicator if someone is potentially suffering from COVID-19. Each test is completed with the verbal permission of our staff member.
• 2 metre social distancing markers have been placed in the relevant areas of the dealership in line with government advice.
• Protective screens have been installed for our service and sales advisors to sit behind.
• Disposable gloves will be used by our service and sales advisors and technicians to prevent the spread of bacteria.
• Calls before-hand will be made to limit the amount of visitors at any given time in the showroom.
• We are highly encouraging card only payments.
• We are highly encouraging one person per car into the dealership.
• Each vehicle that passes through the workshop will be fully sanitised using anisopropyl alcohol-based sanitizer and nitrile gloves.
• New and Used Sales vehicles will be opened individually upon a customer request and sanitized after each viewing. 
• Every sales vehicle will be sanitised using an isopropyl alcohol-based sanitizer and nitrile gloves prior to customer handover/collection. A pre-arranged handover will be carried out as per Government advice using at least the 2 meter social distancing. Sanitized Keys will be placed in a pre agreed accessible location and a telephone conference call will be used between the Sales person and the customer to explain features and controls of their vehicle.
The series of videos below will give an in-depth look at how we're changing our procedures to keep you safe, and still offer the best experience