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Mazda 2


The compact and agile Mazda2 combines great design with excellent functionality. With flowing lines and beautiful proportions that create a spirit of movement, this fun-to-drive car features a range of colours that accentuate a dynamic and delicate expression of the Kodo: Soul of Motion design.

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Express your Individuality

Mazda2 is available in a range of distinct styles. Both Centre-Line and Exclusive-Line models provide a range of colours both inside and out, providing various colour schemes which compliment the attractive Kodo design and celebrated Japanese aesthetics. Which colour combination will you choose?

Distinctive Perosnality

The Mazda2 gives you exactly what you need with an enticing range of specifications. Discover an exciting, fun-to-drive car with a unique spirit and personality. You'll enjoy a comfortable driving experience thanks to the Jinba Ittai driving spirit providing the "oneness between car and driver".

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Discover Homura and Homura Aka

The Mazda2 Homura and Homura Aka editions are designed for drivers who love sporty cars. Matching the sporty looks with the agile spirit of this compact city car.

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The interior of the Mazda2 includes updates to the seating and door trim materials, as well as a range of new interior coloured deco panels that contribute to the high-quality look and feel of the cabin

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Designed to ensure superior comfort and help you find the most comfortable driving position, the seats in the Mazda2 are designed to help prevent fatigue, helping you to feel relaxed at the end of every journey.

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Driving is even more enjoyable thanks to wireless Apple CarPlay® and wired Android Auto™. Easy phone connectivity allowing you to access your favourite mobile apps and entertainment options.

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Under the bonnet of our e-Skyactiv G models¹, our latest Mazda M Hybrid engine technology delivers impressive fuel efficiency, whilst maintaining high performance levels. From engine to chassis, the vehicle is designed to ensure an unrivalled driving experience with exceptional sense of control and clean combustion.

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