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Mazda CX-60

The Mazda CX-60 represents everything that Mazda has built into its DNA over the last 100 years: from the great design, both inside and out, to our Japanese craftmanship and new technologies, all focused on creating a fantastic experience for the driver and their passengers. 
Mazda CX-60 is our first PHEV, and with it we are launching a whole range of new driver-centric technologies.

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Plug-In Hybrid

Mazda CX-60 stands out as one of the few large SUVs that qualifies for an 8% Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) rate. With its remarkable whole-life costs and impressively low CO2 emissions starting from just 33g/km^, our Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is a hit with company car drivers.

A Powerful New Diesel Option

Mazda CX-60 is now available to order with our new e-SKYACTIV D diesel engine. Offering low emissions and excellent fuel efficiency with high levels of torque, the 3.3-litre inline-six engine is refined and smooth, for a superior and exhilarating driving experience.

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The Elegance of Strength

Take advantage of 2,500 kg braked towing capacity with the optional semi-electric tow bar that remains hidden until activated. The Mazda CX-60's Trailer Stability Control and towing mode ensure stability and complete control by intelligently suppressing trailer sway and oscillation.



At Mazda, Jinba Ittai means the oneness of car and driver. When you sit inside, it immediately feels comfortable, almost like an extension of your body. It's a unique driving experience that is designed to bring you driving pleasure. The Mazda CX-60, however, elevates Jinba Ittai to a whole new level.

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One thing that certainly sets the Mazda CX-60 apart from its competitors is the clean, minimalistic design. Every feature and every element has been conceived by our Takumi masters to enhance your feeling of oneness with the car.

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Driving is even more enjoyable thanks to wireless Apple CarPlay® and wired Android Auto™. Easy phone connectivity allowing you to access your favourite mobile apps and entertainment options.

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Under the bonnet of our e-Skyactiv G models¹, our latest Mazda M Hybrid engine technology delivers impressive fuel efficiency, whilst maintaining high performance levels. From engine to chassis, the vehicle is designed to ensure an unrivalled driving experience with exceptional sense of control and clean combustion.

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