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Обслуговування та запчастини


Обслуговування та регулярне технічне обслуговування є ключовим аспектом володіння автомобілем. Усе технічне обслуговування та ремонт завжди виконуються кваліфікованим фахівцем з використанням оригінальних або схвалених запчастин. Крім того, кожна послуга включає безкоштовну перевірку стану автомобіля, щоб ви були повністю в курсі будь-якого необхідного або майбутнього технічного обслуговування.


Our expert technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection, checking vital components and systems to ensure everything is in optimal condition. This service includes an oil filter and oil change, providing your vehicle with fresh lubrication and improved performance.


With our Service Plans, you can plan your services in advance. We offer you a plan that covers up to three years the cost of all maintenance and provides you with cost certainty.


This package includes an air filter, oil filter, and oil change, ensuring your engine receives the necessary maintenance for continued performance. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of basic RAC breakdown cover for peace of mind on the road.


Having your vehicle serviced by a Mazda Dealership means your Digital Service Record (DSR) will remain fully updated with Approved Mazda Servicing.


Our skilled technicians will conduct a thorough examination of your vehicle's systems, components, and fluids, ensuring it receives top-notch care. With our 5+ Major Service, you'll have the peace of mind that your Mazda is in excellent hands, backed by basic RAC breakdown cover.


How often do you need to service your car? Whatever the model, you can find out the standard service schedule for your vehicle.

Please note that the price of our services can vary depending on the specific needs of your Mazda. Factors such as the size of the engine may require additional time, labor, and materials. Rest assured, our pricing is transparent and fair, reflecting the level of service required.

Before proceeding with any servicing, we encourage you to review and understand our terms and conditions. Our dedicated team is here to address any questions or concerns you may have. Experience exceptional servicing for your Mazda with Chris Allen Mazda's 5+ Year Servicing Options!

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